Waterville Candles Fundraiser

Welcome to Waterville Candles' Fundraiser Program! We offer an effortless way for you to raise funds while providing high-quality products to your friends and family. With a track record of working alongside churches, schools, sports teams, and non-profit groups since 2001, we're here to make your fundraising journey a success.

Why Choose Waterville Candles Fundraiser:
Organizations nationwide are experiencing remarkable results with our candle fundraiser. If you're seeking an easy-to-implement, highly profitable, and appealing fundraising idea, our candle program is an ideal choice. With consumer trends showing that many families purchase candles for personal use or gifting, our fundraiser stays strong year-round.

Maximize Profits:
Our Candle Fundraisers have consistently proven to be top earners for organizations across the United States. Waterville Candles offers a compelling way for your group to generate substantial funds. Testimonials from previous organizations highlight how our candles practically sell themselves. A single whiff of our candles leaves a lasting impression with their authentic and potent scents. Your commitment, coupled with a meaningful cause, ensures the success of this fundraiser.

Fundraiser Success Example:
For instance, with 40 members each selling 15 candles, you could achieve an impressive profit of $5,760.00.

Waterville Candles Fundraiser Facility:
Our facility can accommodate candle orders of any size, from small to large. This fundraiser can be executed anywhere in the country. If you're not keen on a traditional approach, consider setting up a display store within your school or organization to take orders directly.

Simple Fundraiser Plan:
Our fundraiser plan operates in 4 easy steps:
1. We send fundraiser packets containing order forms and samples to your organization.
2. Participants collect orders and money over a 2-week period, returning them to the group leader at the end of the sale.
3. Group leaders consolidate the candle orders and communicate the details to Waterville Candles.
4. Send the order and payment to Waterville Candles. Once received, we fulfill the order and arrange shipping or delivery.

What's Included in Our Fundraiser Packets:
Our Candle Fundraiser packets encompass all sales materials, including colorful order forms and small sample cups for each seller.

Tips for a Successful Fundraiser:
To ensure your fundraiser's success, we recommend supplementing the brochure with additional information about the campaign. This clarifies the start and end dates of the sale, when forms and money should be submitted, incentives, and the delivery date and time. Transparency about your organization and fundraiser builds trust among supporters.

Setting and Reaching Goals:
A crucial piece of advice is to establish a profit goal and break it down into achievable mini-goals. Providing each seller with a clear target and rewarding them upon reaching it will significantly boost the fundraiser's effectiveness.

Receiving Your Soy Candles:
Once you place an order, you'll receive an Estimated Date of Delivery, typically 2-3 weeks after finalizing the order.

We're excited to partner with you on your fundraising journey and provide exceptional products that resonate with your supporters. Feel free to contact us for further assistance or to start your Waterville Candles fundraiser!